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Chocolatine Bakery is located on Wood Street in Walthamstow, and provides French-inspired freshly baked goods to the local community. The name, Chocolatine, is an homage to a previous bakery owned by one of our bakers in Paris.


Our goal is to provide high quality baked goods to our customers. We also support many local businesses and sell a variety of their products that you can find on our shelves.


Every product is made from scratch and baked on the premises, made with organic flour and top European ingredients. Our team of bakers are specially trained in both pastry and sourdough. They take proper care in making our flavours unique and ensure every loaf and pastry is of the highest standard.


Our sourdough ferments for 48 hours and uses 100% organic flour. Depending on which sourdough, we tend to use strong white flour, wholemeal flour, and rye flour all from Matthews Mill in Cotswold. 


Our pastries are made with old-school lamination techniques and mimic traditional French pastries. 


We sell both products wholesale to other shops, but we've reached the maximum capacity at the moment.

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